• Cutluxe was founded on the ambition to design and manufacture the perfect kitchen knife. By working directly with professional gourmet chefs, we analyze into the finest details how a great knife performs. Then we design a knife and manufacturing process that delivers exceptional kitchen knives at prices assessable to chefs at all levels. Our concept is simple; to deliver knives at consistently high quality.


    While others brands are busy inventing all sorts of “high-tech” kitchen gadgets, we pursue the perfection of the original and most essential kitchen tool. Every kitchen already has a smart multitool for both cutting, slicing, chopping finely and coarsely… it’s called a knife. Cutluxe is focusing one thing and one thing only — making the best possible knives at the best possible price.

    “You will never see a signature collection of a famous chef from Cutluxe. Why? Because the merit of our knives lies in their performance, not in the endorsement of a celebrity.”

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  • Such a range of versatile knifes, ideal for all kinds of food preparation