Best Slicing &

Carving Knives

Best Knives for Slicing & Carving

By Samuel Fisher

When it comes to slicing or carving your meat, be it carving poultry or roasted beef, you deserve the best. Whether it be a good carving knife to a carving fork, you shouldn't have to struggle just to get your cuts done right. Often times, the hardest part is knowing what constitutes high-quality slicing knives.

If you want to find the best slicing and carving knife, we are here to help. Whether you want a nice new slicing knife to help with tough cuts, or simply need a new kitchen knife that you can depend on for some of the more difficult tasks, we have got you covered. 

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Best Slicing Knife for Brisket:

Our Top Picks

CUTLUXE Artisan Series 12-inch Brisket Knife:

Best for cutting meat

CUTLUXE Shinobi Series 12-inch Carving Knife:

The most durable slicing knife

CUTLUXE Olivery Series 12-Inch Slicing Knife:

Best overall slicing & carving knife

SpitJack BBQ

The most affordable carving knife

CUTLUXE 9-inch Slicing Knife:

Best for diverse cutting needs

1. CUTLUXE Artisan Series

12-inch Brisket Knife

Best Overall Knife for Slicing


• Cuts through meat easily
• Great for gifts
• Comfortable grip
• Avoids wrist fatigue
• Ergonomic design


• A little pricey

This Cutluxe brisket knife is a work of art made out of German steel. It is forged by professionals and it’s one of the best brisket knives on the market.

It has everything from strength and durability to a perfectly sharpened edge that will carve and slice your meat and veggies with ease. With a full tang blade and an ergonomic design, it offers everything you need for a durable and efficient product.

Blade Length: 4.9/5

The 12-inch high carbon stainless steel blade is the perfect length for cutting even, thin slices without shredding or tearing your meat. The entire length of the knife is super sharp and allows you to cut through your meat without breaking a sweat. 

Blade Material: 4.9/5

This Cutluxe carving and slicing knife is a high carbon steel blade that is carefully crafted from premium German stainless steel. The blade is designed flawlessly with a focus on strength and this is shown by a Rockwell hardness that easily lands above 56.

The stainless steel blade has a rounded tip and the qualities of stainless steel make the entire knife corrosion and stain-resistant.  

Sharpness: 4.9/5

The blade is sharpened until it’s paper-thin and it features a Granton edge. Each side of the knife-edge is sharpened to an angle of 14-16 degrees for the highest level of sharpness and edge retention.

You can be sure of clean, neat slices each time you slice into your potion. The full tang construction also helps with sharpness and retaining the edge.

Durability and Warranty: 4.9/5

The Cutluxe brisket knife is made out of German steel that is highly durable and resistant to staining and corrosion.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you can make your purchase without compromising your peace of mind. 

2. CUTLUXE Shinobi Series

12-Inch Slicing Knife

Most Durable Slicing Knife


• Ergonimic G10 handle
• Carves brisket perfectly
• Durable Japanese Steel
• Comfortable & easy to hold
• High level of craftsmanship
• Durable G10 military-grade handle


• A bit expensive

This beautiful knife is the key to you making meat cuts that will salivate the tongues of your guests. Imagine combining ancient sharpening techniques and military-grade material. It combines sharpness and durability to give you a product that you can use for years to come.

It allows for a comfortable and secure grip and is designed in a way that prevents wrist fatigue. It gives you value for money. 

Blade Length: 4.9/5

The blade length lets you slice through your meat in one fluid motion so that you can evenly cut slices with any thickness of your choosing. It also features a double riveted design that ensures that your grip is sure and firm. Just ensure that you have a carving board that matches the length of the blade and of course let’s not forget a proper knife block. 

Blade Material: 4.9/5

This Cutluxe carving knife is the best carving knife on the market and it is carefully and flawlessly carved from the finest Japanese steel. It is made from high carbon stainless steel and boasts of a Rockwell hardness that is above 60. The high carbon Japanese steel is vacuum treated to give the highest level of strength and durability. 

Sharpness: 4.9/5

The blade is sharpened to perfection by craftsmen who are highly trained in their area of expertise. The blade is flawlessly sharpened to a mirror finish at 8-12 degrees each side using an ancient method called the Honbazuke method. The blade has a full tang and it is cooled off in Nitrogen to boost durability and sharpness. 

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

This carving knife leads the pack when it comes to durability. The G10 military-grade handle was crafted with strength and durability in mind.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can buy without worry and with no hassle at all.

3. CUTLUXE Olivery Series

12-Inch Slicing Knife

Best for Cutting Meat


• Extra sharp blade – 14 to 16 degress
• Cuts through meat easily
• Full tang knife
• Olive wood handle
• High-end Sandvik Steel blade


• Cannot be used in dishwasher
• A bit expensive

The Cutluxe Slicing Knife combines quality, aesthetics, and efficiency to give you one great knife that will always come in handy anytime you decide to start slicing or carving. The quality is exceptional and it makes an excellent overall knife.

This 12-inch CUTLUXE slicing knife cuts through meat like a hot knife cuts through butter. The length and the sharpness of the knife are an added advantage when it comes to slicing through bigger cuts. 

Blade Length: 4.9/5

This 12” Slicing Knife is the perfect length for large potions. An extra-long blade when slicing or carving can be one of the things that make or break the finished product, so why not make sure everything is perfect? The length ensures that you can cut through your meat in one fluid motion and this will help you to avoid any bad cuts

Blade Material: 4.9/5

The blade is a full tang, Granton cutting edge, and retains its edge beautifully. The material and quality make it the holy grail of blades. It is a stainless steel blade that is forged from just a single block of high-carbon stainless steel. This means more balance, precision, and durability. Stainless steel is also quite easy to maintain and it is also resistant to corrosion. 

Sharpness: 4.9/5

The Cutluxe Slicing Knife has a sharp Granton blade edge that has been meticulously sharpened at 14-16 degrees on each side for the best results. The sharpness ensures that you can cut through your meat with ease and maximum precision. 

The Granton blade creates pockets of air that stop your meat from sticking to the blade and it also helps to keep your food intact by preventing shredding. You can even use this high-quality slicing knife for your thanksgiving turkey and your roast beef.

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

The Cutluxe Slicing Knife is highly durable and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can get this beauty with your heart at ease. 

But even with these perks, it is still advisable to practice basic knife care and maintenance to make your blade retain its sharpness for longer and generally last longer.

4. SpitJack BBQ

Slicing & Carving Knife

Most Affordable Carving Knife


• Affordable option
• Lots of bang for your buck
• Versatile


• Not that durable
• Plastic handle
• Short blade

This blade from Spitjack is a slightly shorter blade than the other blades we have talked about so far but it still gets the job done neatly and efficiently and gives you smooth slices.

This SpitjJack BBQ knife has a stainless steel blade with a sharp edge and it is ergonomically designed with a plastic handle that is designed to fit your palm perfectly. It gives you an efficient yet affordable way to slice meat and will fit in perfectly with your other kitchen tools. However, this knife is a little cheap and is prone to becoming dull. 

Blade Length: 4.9/5

This slicing knife has an 11-inch Granton edge alloy steel blade that is sharpened to perfection in the factory. The length makes it the perfect carving knife and you can slice through your brisket in one go. You can also store it safely with your other kitchen knives to avoid accidents.

Blade Material: 4.9/5

This slicing carving knife is made of alloy steel and features a plastic ergonomic handle. The high-quality steel translates to higher edge retention and high durability.

Overall, this is a good carving knife. The Granton edge or scalloped edge stops the meat from sticking to the knife by creating little pockets of air between the meat and the blade as you carve. 

Sharpness: 4.9/5

This knife is butcher sharp and the straight edge is meticulously and efficiently honed in the factory for your convenience. The high-quality alloy steel means that it will retain its edge for longer and you also have the option to sharpen the knife and restore the edge in the event that the blade edge begins to dull.

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

As we have mentioned, there are some durability concerns with this blade. For starters, the handle is made with plastic and is prone to breaking. The blade itself can dull easily.

This smoked brisket knife does not have a lifetime warranty but you can return it, get a refund, or get a replacement if you need to within 30 days of receipt. 

5. CUTLUXE Artisan Series

9-inch Slicing Knife

Best for Diverse Cutting Needs


• Razor-sharp
• Ergonomic handle design
• Durable German steel
• Versatile knife – great for many needs


• Might not cut through big meat slices
• Blade is only 9 inches

This 9-inch carving knife from Cutluxe has everything from a pointed blade made from German steel to a Pakkawood ergonomically designed handle. It is a multi-purpose knife that works with different types of meats and even fruits and vegetables. Let’s talk about some of the qualities in further detail. 

Blade Length: 4.9/5

This is one of the best carving knives in the market if you need something a little smaller than what we have discussed so far. The blade is 9-inches long and has a razor-sharp pointed end. The blade is thin and you can easily cut even thin slices. This also makes a perfect chef’s knife. 

Blade Material: 4.9/5

The blade material is durable German Thyssenkrupp steel. This is full tang high carbon steel that has a Rockwell hardness that is very strong. It is durable and naturally resistant to corrosion and staining. The handle has an ergonomic design with a Pakkawood handle that is triple riveted for the most comfortable fit. 

Sharpness: 4.9/5

The sharp blade has a Granton edge and tapers to a pointed tip. It is sharpened by hand to a precise 14-16 degrees on each side which is ideal for cutting through meat.

In addition to the sharpness, the blade perfectly retains its edge over time, so you can slice away to your heart’s content and achieve paper-thin slices. 

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

The German steel and the Pakkawood handle are highly durable and maintain their look even with time. Just be sure to take good care of the knife, clean it regularly, and perform normal maintenance.

This Cutluxe carving knife comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can buy it without worrying about defects or problems down the line. 

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Slicing And Carving Knife?

There are quite a few pointers that can help you pick the best slicing or carving knife. You should consider the type of blade, blade length, blade material, sharpness, durability and warranty, and more. Let’s discuss these in more detail. 

Type of Blade

The type of blade is one of the important things you need to look out for when buying carving knives or slicing knives. There is no such thing as a multi-purpose knife when it comes to slicing or carving your meat. It’s always prudent to choose the best slicing knife. 

Different types of blades work better with different types of meat. Tender meat requires a knife that will not shred it. 

• A straight blade has no grooves or scallops along the edges and it can work perfectly for tender meats like brisket on the condition that it is razor-sharp. A dull straight edge will have you breaking a sweat to cut through tender meat. 

• Serrated blades are designed in such a way that it has large teeth and large teeth will tear through tender meat. Serrated blades work best with tougher meats. 

• A scalloped blade is very similar to a serrated blade but the notable difference is that a scalloped blade has smaller teeth. This means that it will work quite well on your tender meat.

• A Granton blade is our best pick for a slicing or carving knife. A Granton blade has tiny grooves or small divots along the side. The purpose of these is to create little pockets of air between the meat and the knife as you cut to limit friction and avoid sticking.

Blade Length

Slicing or carving knives stand out from other types of knives usually because of the long blade. They tend to be typically longer than other knives.

They can be anything from 9 inches to 16 inches long with a curved blade tip or a sharp point and there is a good reason for this. The size of the meat influences the knife length.

The bigger the portion is, the longer the blade has to be. You definitely don’t want to be going over one slice over and over again and cutting off uneven slices and you would definitely need a bigger cutting board and a fork set to go with it.

carving and slicing is an art and it is also a test of precision. Longer blades allow for better precision, even with your thanksgiving turkey. Just be sure to get a cutting board that matches the length of your knife. 


One of the most important things you need to look at when buying a knife is its sharpness. It’s exceedingly frustrating when you have to struggle to cut through your meat or vegetables. A blunt knife will be highly inefficient and quite an annoyance. You should try to get a hand-sharpened knife with a Granton edge. This type has excellent edge retention and you don’t need to sharpen it before using it.

Comfort When Handling

Imagine consistently using a knife that digs into your palm or leaves you with blisters. In all likelihood, hat this is something that all of us would want to avoid at all costs. A handle that is made to fit perfectly into all the curves in your palm is the perfect choice.

A good pick is a brisket knife that has a Pakkawood handle. A Pakkawood handle has excellent qualities when it comes to heat and moisture resistance. It was made popular by the Japanese for good reason. 

Safety is also important when handling slicing or carving knives. Meat can be a little fatty, so you don’t want the knife slipping and causing an accident. A wooden or plastic handle is the best choice to avoid slippage and you should avoid getting a carving fork or a carving knife that has a stainless steel handle. 

Blade Material

High-quality slicing knives and carving knives are usually made out of high carbon steel with the steel quality being premium. They can also be made out of stainless steel. Both these materials are excellent choices for carving knives but they come with their individual strengths and weaknesses. 

A carbon stainless steel blade is better at retaining the edges and stays sharp for longer but it is more prone to rusting because of the higher carbon content. This means that you should be vigilant when it comes to drying your knife to avoid corrosion.

Stainless steel knives are easier on the pocket and they are more resistant to corrosion and require less maintenance in general, but there’s a catch.

The material is much softer than high carbon steel and therefore more likely to dull with time. Making sure that the edge stays sharp might require you to occasionally sharpen your knife.

Durability & Warranty

Durability is one of the things that can tip the scales when it comes to deciding what to buy. Buying a carving or slicing knife and being certain that you have a product that will last has to be one of the best feelings.

The best carving knife has some of the qualities that we mentioned above. It is worth noting that quality is always worth it, so don’t hesitate to to spend a little bit more to get higher quality

Forged knives are also quite durable and they perform better than stamped blades when it comes to durability and strength. The way forged knives are made makes the blade less flexible which translates to better edge retention. 

The warranty is also important when buying a knife. A warranty, especially a lifetime warranty, gives you a sense of peace and lets you make a purchase without worrying. In the event of a problem, you can always contact the manufacturer and get your knife replaced.

Slicing & Carving Knife FAQs

The best slicing & carving knife conversation often brings up many different questions! Here are some of the top questions and responses. Keep these in mind when determining which knife to buy

Comparison of the Best Slicing & Carving Knives

Let’s go over some of the best carving knives we have talked about and highlight why they landed in the top spot.

CUTLUXE Artisan Series 12-Inch Brisket Knife

This is our top pick and the best overall for slicing carving knives. The best carving knives have the perfect length and they come with a durable blade that performs excellently when it comes to edge retention, and this brisket knife has all that and more. It is perfect for roast beef, poultry, and more.

CUTLUXE Shinobi Series 12-inch Knife

This is one of the best slicing knives on the market and it’s our pick for the most durable. This is a high carbon steel blade made out of Japanese steel and it ranks high when it comes to strength and durability. 

CUTLUXE Olivery Series 12-Inch Slicing Knife

This Cutluxe slicing carving knife combines multiple good qualities to give you a durable product that is also long enough for most cuts. 

SpitJack BBQ Smoked Brisket Knife for Slicing & Carving

If you want a carving and slicing knife with a 9-inch Granton edge sharp edge that will not put a dent in your pocket, this is your best bet. It’s affordable and has the best length for most cuts. You can pair it with a fork set and a cutting board for the best experience.

CUTLUXE 9-inch Slicing Knife

This carving knife works best with smaller cuts but it still gives you a combination of durability, ergonomics, and versatility. It also has the perfect blade thickness and is sharpened to the perfect angle. The pakkawood handle is comfortable and easy to handle. It is perfect for roast beef, poultry, and more.

Ready to Start Carving & Slicing?

There is a wide range of slicing knives with a perfect cutting edge for you to choose from and we hope we have made the job much easier for you. It’s also a good idea for you to conduct a bit of research and have a clear picture of the kind of knife you need to cater to your needs.

Whether you need a 9-inch Granton edge or a 12-inch, there are plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for the best slicing knife or a chef’s knife, there are plenty of good options above. Remember to consider the factors we mentioned before when choosing a slicing or carving knife.

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