Best Brisket Knives

Best Knives for Slicing & Carving

By Samuel Fisher

We have all been there. You get a nice fresh piece of brisket, but you simply cannot get the meat to cut with the knives you have in your kitchen. After struggling for a while, you might have decided to put the meat back into the freezer and to search around for the best brisket knife.

We have put various great brisket knives up to the test using vital quality metrics. If you want to get a good knife that is sharp, dependable, and quickly capable of cutting through thick brisket slices, we are here to help.

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Best Slicing Knife for Brisket:

Our Top Picks

CUTLUXE Olivery Series 12-Inch Slicing Knife:

Most durable brisket knife.

CUTLUXE Artisan Series 12-inch Brisket Knife:

Best overall brisket slicing knife.

CUTLUXE Shinobi Series 12-inch Carving Knife:

Sharpest knife for slicing brisket.

Mercer Culinary

M23011 11-Inch Long Blade Slicer

CUTLUXE 9-inch Slicing Knife:

Most versatile knife for slicing brisket & beyond.

1. CUTLUXE Artisan Series

12-inch Brisket Knife

Best Overall Knife for Slicng Brisket


• Razor-sharp Granton Blade
• Hand-sharpened edge at 14-16 degrees per side
• Ergonomic pakkawood handle
• Premium German stainless steel
• Can cut brisket easily
•  Full tang knife
•  Lifetime warranty


• A bit expensive

If you want the best knife for slicing brisket, this Artisan Series 12-inch knife should be the first place that you start. It has a nice ergonomic handle to help avoid wrist fatigue, a sharpened edge at 14-16 degrees on each side, and a lifetime warranty on this full tang knife.

We think it stands out as the best for having a considerably sharp edge that can only otherwise be mimicked with a boning knife. It is also significantly long, making it great for the most brutal meat cuts, and even slicing bread!

Blade Length: 4.9/5

At 12-inches, this blade is long enough to meet the needs of most residential and commercial knife users. That being said, make sure you get a knife block that is big enough to hold a knife this long! Typically, a knife with a sharp edge like this might be stored in its own separate space.

Blade Material: 4.9/5

Made with German steel, those who love using high-quality European steel knives will love how beautiful, and strong this blade is. Typically, a German steel knife such as this will also require less sharpening and will be more resistant to corrosion.

Sharpness: 4.9/5

Sharpened to 14-16 degree degrees on each side, you would be hard-pressed to find another straight blade knife with quite as much power to it. Unlike other knives, you will be able to cut through hard brisket pieces with minimal effort. This is our best brisket knife for a reason, after all!

Durability and Warranty: 4.9/5

A sharp knife such as this might typically run into issues when it comes to durability. After all, a good straight blade knife will only retain sharpness if you do a good job taking care of it.

Although the design has all the makings of a long-lasting knife, be sure to practice basic knife care and maintenance. That being said, there is an excellent lifetime warranty on this knife.

2. CUTLUXE Olivery Series

12-Inch Slicing Knife

Most Durable Brisket Knife


• High carbon stainless steel
• Extra-long 12-inch blade
• Full tang blade
• Sandvik 14C28N steel
• Lifetime warranty


• Cannot be used in a dishwater
• Could use a sheath

If you want a nice straight edge knife that is both sharp and more durable than other knives, this might be the best overall option. With strong Sandvik 14C28N steel, this etched blade is the most durable knife on the market.

Blade Length: 4.9/5

Made with high carbon steel that is considerably strong and resistant to rust and corrosion, this rounded-tip blade is long enough for most cuts and pieces of brisket. As we try to make clear, 12 inches is a good size.

However, the main issue is that this knife doesn’t come with a sheath. For this reason, you might need to buy seperate storage space.

Blade Material: 5/5

Made with high carbon Sandvik 14C28N steel, you would be hard-pressed to find a blade made with better materials. The wood handle is the only thing worth noting. However, if you don’t go overboard and start slapping the wood on the counter, it will last a lifetime.

Sharpness: 4.9/5

This high carbon steel blade is top-tier in terms of sharpness. Each edge is sharpened to 14-16 degrees. The blade itself remains sharp when cared for properly.

However, if you start overusing it on particularly hard objects like bones, for example, you may need to get it resharpened.

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

A high carbon steel knife like this one will have minimal problems holding up over the years. The main idea here is always to use it properly and to take good care of it.

The fact that this comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty demonstrates the level of confidence from the manufacturers.

3. CUTLUXE Shinobi Series

12-Inch Carving Knife

Sharpest Knife for Slicing Brisket


• Scalloped blade pockets
• High-quality Japanese Steel
• Lifetime warranty
• Superior Durability
• 8-12 degree edges


• A bit expensive

This knife is made from top-quality Japanese steel sharped at 8-12 degrees on each side, making it a great option if you focus on getting the sharpest knife possible.

Not too many blades come with edges quite this thin. Therefore, bring on the most brutal brisket cuts and cut them down to pieces within minutes!

Blade Length: 4.9/5

This knife has a 12-inch scalloped blade, making it have the optimal length for the longest pieces of brisket.

This is the last high-quality 12-inch knife on our list as well. Therefore, if your focus is on getting a blade with plenty of length, this and the options above are where you should start.

Blade Material: 4.9/5

A scalloped blade such as this one made from Japanese steel is a recipe for success. Few blades have high-quality steel that resists rust and corrosion as well as this one. More specifically, it is made with Japanese AUS-10 super steel. This material helps provide much of the sharpness.

Sharpness: 4.9/5

As we have mentioned, this blade is the sharpest knife around. If your main focus is on making cuts as quickly and smoothly as possible, a blade with nice 8-12 degree edges such as this one will help you make thin slices within minutes.

Part of the reason that the blade cuts so quickly and smoothly is that it has an ergonomic handle that aligns well with your hand without wearing out your wrists while cutting for long periods of time.

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

Made with alloy steel and a military-grade handle, this blade will easily stand the test of time. Of course, proper care and maintenance will still be required if you hope to make the knife last as long as it is designed to.

Should you run into any issues with the knife and it proves to be defective, you can take up on the lifetime warranty available from the manufacturer!

4. Mercer Culinary M23011

11-Inch Slicing Knife

Most Affordable Brisket Knife


• Granton Blade
• 15-degree edges
• Ergonomic handle
• Very affordable
• Refund available if not satisfied


• No warranty
• Not as sharp as other brisket knives
• A little too cheap – quality shows

This is a great brisket knife if you simply want a very reasonable price as opposed to focusing more on razor-sharp edges. This classic brisket knife also stands out for having a reasonably long blade that will help you make most cuts

That being said, this knife only comes with a 30-day refund policy – no warranty. The low price also reflects in the quality. The first few times you use it, it will be sharp. However, the sharpness degrades a lot faster.

Blade Length: 4.9/5

Unlike your typical kitchen knife, this blade is 11-inches long. This makes it a great knife for cutting thin slices of brisket. A Granton edge blade such as this which is 11 inches long, is a little rare in the knife industry.

Although we tend to prefer knives that are at least 12 inches long for cutting brisket, this knife will suit the needs of most commercial users. However, those needing a knife for a restaurant should simply pay the extra price.

Blade Material: 4.7/5 

A Granton edge blade like this made with stainless steel will hold up for long periods of use in most cases. The grip is a little small, so make sure that you hold on tight when making heavy cuts.

That being said, Granton blades like this are hard to find for this price. Therefore, if you simply want an affordable knife that will hold up well for years, this might be the best overall option around.

Sharpness: 4.6/5

Although it is made with a Granton edge, the Granton Knife Company is not the manufacturer of the knife itself. For this reason, we can see how problems trickled down into the sharpness over a short period of time.

In our experience, this knife will come out of the package considerably sharp compared to even electric knives or other top products. Unlike top-quality electric knives, though, the sharpness does tend to go away rather quickly.

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

A Granton blade such as this one will often hold up well for a long period of time. In this case, you do get what you pay for. The best thing you can do is get a refund right when you start to notice the sharpness fading. You have 30-days to collect a refund.

The knife itself, though, will hold up for years without issues. To be clear, the main concern we have with this knife is that it might not hold up its sharpness for a long enough period of time.

5. CUTLUXE Artisan Series

9-Inch Slicing Knife

Most Verasatile Knife For Brisket & Beyond


• High carbon stainless steel
• Sharp knife that holds up well
• Lifetime warranty


• Only 9-inches long
• Not enough length for certain brisket cuts
• Both sides are sharp

Stainless steel blades such as this one with a triple riveted handle are not your typical brisket knife. However, those who want to slice up more minor cuts will likely see this as the ultimate choice when considering multiple options.

That being said, you should be well aware that the length of this knife is particularly small compared to other blades on this list. Accordingly, be sure to account for this when you purchase your cuts of meat!

Blade Length: 4.4/5

Although this is a high carbon steel blade, we do find that the length is a little small compared to top-tier brisket knives. Therefore, this knife is only recommended for those who either want to cut smaller pieces of meat or prefer smaller blades like this.

Clocking in at 9-inches, this knife is below average compared to other brisket knives on this list. Therefore, this might not be the best option if this is your first knife for hard cuts.

Blade Material: 4.8/5

Made with high carbon stainless steel, the quality of the blade material itself is not a problem. Note that this model does not have a rounded tip. It is made with German steel, that has proven to hold up well over time and resist corrosion.

Sharpness: 4.8/5

The sharpness of this blade is not an issue. Each edge is sharpened to 14 – 16 degrees, and holds up its sharpness over time well. The blade itself has a full tang ergonomic design that cuts in a natural motion that works well with your hand and wrist. As long as you take good care of the blade, it will stay sharp for years to come.

Durability and Warranty: 5/5

This high carbon steel blade comes with a durable design on both the blade and handle. The luxury pakkawood handle holds up well for years and has a sturdy grip.

There is also a nice lifetime warranty that comes with this blade, should you ever run into any sort of defects!

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Slicing And Carving Knife?

When choosing a brisket knife for cooking, it may take a bit of homework to get an understanding of this type of knife. Several important factors should also be considered, such as blade length, sharpness, durability, and the warranty. Let’s explore more about our ranking methodology.

Blade Length

One of the first things you need to look at when you want to get a nice knife for slicing brisket is how long the blade is. Brisket can require lots of back-and-forth motion when making cuts. Therefore, we recommend at least getting a knife around 11 inches. However, smaller blades down to 9-inches can be used if the brisket is small enough.

Blade Material

The blade material is usually the first thing you should consider if you want to get the best brisket knife possible. Typically, a razor-sharp edge will be best when it is made from a stainless steel blade. A stainless steel blade is resistant to corrosion and rust and will retain sharpness for more extended periods.


To cut a nice tender brisket, the last thing you want to have around is a dull knife! For this reason, we looked through the degree each blade is sharpened, the type of edge, the blade shape, the type of knife sharpener used, and how easily it can cut thin slices when determining the best brisket knife.

Typically, sharpness for brisket cuts can be found with Granton blades, using a boning knife, or even serrated edges. Some people might even resort to electric knives, trimming knives, or Japanese knives (thinking that they are particularly sharp).

However, we don’t recommend electric carving knives, using an electric knife or a manual knife if you want the most sharpness. Using an electric knife or dalstrong knife might be tempting, but it doesn’t entirely give the same results.

Durability & Warranty

Finally, the last thing you need when you want a good brisket slicing knife is to end up having the blade go dull within a month, wearing out the handle, getting loose screws, and so on. We only chose the best knives that have proven themselves worthy for long periods of use. Most importantly, we focused on knives that had lifetime warranties.

Best Brisket Knife – FAQs

The best knife conversation often brings up many different questions! Here are some of the top questions and responses. Keep these in mind when determining which knife to buy

Comparison of the Best Brisket Knives

As a brief recap, here are our top carving knives and why we chose them:

CUTLUXE Artisan Series 12-Inch Brisket Knife

This is the best overall knife for brisket cuts. It has a nice length for its blade and holds up well for long periods of time.

CUTLUXE Olivery Series 12-Inch Brisket Knife

This is a particularly durable knife that stands out for its lifetime warranty. It also has a sharp full tang design.

CUTLUXE Shinobi Series 12-inch Knife

If you want the sharpest knife, this is the best overall choice. The thinnest 8-degree edges can be found here.

Mercer Culinary M23011 11-Inch Slicer

If you want a blade that is both affordable and long enough for most cuts, this is the best choice to consider.

CUTLUXE 9-inch Slicing Knife

If you want a knife that is versatile enough for both hard meat cuts and other purposes, this is the best choice. However, the length of the blade is shorter than average.

Ready to Buy One of the Best Brisket Knives?

There is a wide range of slicing knives with a perfect cutting edge for you to choose from and we hope we have made the job much easier for you. It’s also a good idea for you to conduct a bit of research and have a clear picture of the kind of knife you need to cater to your needs.

Whether you need a 9-inch Granton edge or a 12-inch, there are plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for the best slicing knife or a chef’s knife, there are plenty of good options above. Remember to consider the factors we mentioned before when choosing a slicing or carving knife.

Also be sure to check out our blog if you need to know more!