Best Sushi Knives 

Each of the Best Knives for Cuting Sushi

By Samuel Fisher

Sushi has been around in Japan since the early Neolithic Period. Over the years, this beloved dish has changed forms many times, and in 1824, Sushi finally took the form that we are familiar with today.

Today, sushi is so popular that there are sushi restaurants in almost every country of the world. The only problem is that dining out for sushi all the time can become quite expensive. That is why many people have started to make their own sushi rolls are home. Not only is it economical, but it can also be a fun experience to share with your friends and family.

To start making sushi at home, you only need a bamboo rolling mat, a cutting board, a rice cooker, and one of the best sushi knives you can find.

So, how do you know which sushi knife best knife? Should you get a few different knives for different stages of preparing the sushi? What should you look for when picking out knives for making sushi at home?

Let us take a deep dive into all of these questions and more as we break down the best sushi knives of 2022.

Best Sushi Knives or Sashimi Knives of 2022

 CUTLUXE Boning & Fillet Knife

Best sushi knife for filleting and deboning fish

CUTLUXE Santoku Knife – 7" Chopping Knife

Best sushi knife for slicing vegetables

CUTLUXE Meat Carving Knife – 9" Turkey Carving Knife

Best ultra-sharp sushi knife for sashimi slicing

CUTLUXE Utility Knife – 5.5" Petty Kitchen Knife

Best sushi knife for new chefs

LUCKY COOK Sashimi Sushi Knife 10 Inch

Best all-around Sashimi knife

Continue reading on to see what qualities of a sushi knife are the most important to determine whether or not they could qualify for this list.

Top Sushi Knife Picks in Detail

Now that we have established what it is you should be exactly looking for in a quality sushi knife, let us take a closer look at the sushi knives we have chosen as some of the best to buy in 2022.

1. CUTLUXE Boning & Fillet Knife

6 Inch Sushi Fillet Knife

Best Sushi Knife for Filleting and Deboning Fish


• Constructed from high-carbon German stainless steel.
• Razor sharp blade for edge retention and precise cuts.
• Slightly curved blade perfect for filleting and deboning fish for sushi.
• Comes with a lifetime warranty.


• The shorter blade length may take more time to fillet larger fish. 

The CUTLUXE Boning & Fillet Knife makes a fantastic knife for filleting and deboning fish because this particular knife is perfectly engineered with high carbon stainless steel to trim, skin, fillet, and de-bone with little to no effort.

Blade Sharpness: 5/5 

The blade is so incredibly sharp that it effortlessly can slide through fish saving you time and energy. This is a true chef's knife.

The high-carbon steel can be worked for hours and days on end without the need to constantly be resharpened while delivering precise cuts every time.

Blade Construction: 5/5

The carbon steel used to construct this sushi knife is incredibly strong and flexible at the same time.

The hand-sharpened blade contains 14 to 16-degree edges to keep the edge razor sharp for long periods of time.

Blade Length: 4/5 

At 6 inches, the CUTLUXE Boning & Fillet Knife is a little shorter than the average sushi knife or fillet knife. It may make the job a little more difficult for professional sushi chefs working in a commercial kitchen where filleting larger fish is more common.

However, for the average person looking to make sushi at home, a 6-inch fillet knife is perfect for the types and sizes of fish they are more likely to work with.

Handle Construction: 4.5/5

The handle of this fillet sushi knife is constructed from a beautiful and durable pakkawood.

The tang handle construction keeps the knife balanced and adds some sturdiness to the knife.

Intended Use: 5/5

When it comes to blade styles, having a dependable fillet-style sushi knife in the kitchen can go a long way for filleting and deboning Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Salmon, Sea Bass, Trout, and more.

Overall: 4.7/5

This fillet knife rated a 4.7 out of 5 when it comes to the most important attributes that make a great sushi knife for filleting small and medium-sized fish. This knife is ideal for a home chef who likes to work with fish whether they are making sushi or another fish dish.

Best sushi knife for slicing vegetables


• Santoku knives make excellent sushi knives
• A high carbon stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.
• A true chef's knife that can be used for almost anything.
• This Santoka is a replica of a traditional Japanese knife


• The blade could be considered too thin for some users.

The 7" CUTLUXE Santoku Knife is an amazing all-around knife that can serve many purposes. It can dice carrots, chop onions, and even could be used to fillet a fish if needed.

This knife is a great addition to any kitchen because it can be extremely useful when preparing sushi, however, it can also be used to cook all different types of meals at home.

Blade Sharpness: 4.5/5 

The razor-sharp blade edge on the 7" CUTLUXE Santoku Knife is designed to hold a solid sharpness for longer than other sushi knives.

Blade Construction: 4/5

The blade is constructed with a 14 to 16-degree sharpened edge on both sides.

This double-sided sharpness means that the 7" CUTLUXE Santoku Knife could be used as a right or left-handed sushi knife.

Blade Length: 5/5 

The 7-inch blade on this Santoku knife is perfect for chefs of all skill levels, however, it is especially perfect for newer chefs.

The 7-inch blade is ideal for chefs who are looking for more control over their knives as they are honing their skills in the kitchen.

Handle Construction: 4.5/5

This quality knife contains a full tang comfortable grip that is triple-riveted and ergonomic.

The pakkawood material is laminated and polished for extra sanitation in the kitchen.

Intended Use: 5/5

The best part about this carbon steel blade that most sushi chefs will appreciate is that it can be used for practically anything.

Because of this, the CUTELUX Santoku blade has been rated 5 out of 5 in the intended use category.

Overall: 4.7/5

If you need a knife that is modeled after one of the most popular Japanese knives, the Santoku knife, you cannot go wrong with this CUTLUXE version.

Best ultra-sharp sushi knife for sashimi


• Similar shape and length to Yanagiba knives.
• Ultra-sharp blade edges are ideal for cutting sushi and sashimi.
• Full-tang ergonomic pakkawood handle.
• Covered by a lifetime warranty against material or workmanship defects.


•  Although it closely resembles a sashimi knife, it is still not a traditional Japanese sushi knife.  

Do not be fooled by the name of this knife when it says 9" turkey carving knife. Yes, it would be perfect for carving a turkey, however, it is also perfect for slicing fish while preparing sushi and sashimi.

Blade Sharpness: 5/5 

The CUTLUXE Meat Carving Knife – 9" Turkey Carving Knife is one of the sharpest knives the CUTLUXE has to offer. Because of its extreme sharpness, it makes the perfect sashimi knife.

If you are looking for a sharp knife to keep in the kitchen that will stay sharp for a long time, then this CUTLUXE 9-inch carving knife is exactly what you need.

Blade Construction: 5/5

The blade on this 9-inch carving knife is precision forged and made from the highest quality German stainless steel.

Blade Length: 5/5 

The average length of a traditional Yanagiba knife is 9-inches. The length of this CUTLUXE carving knife is also 9 inches which is the perfect length for preparing fish for sushi and sashimi.

Handle Construction: 4.5/5

The handle is extra-durable, ergonomic, and triple-riveted for a perfect grip every time.

Helps to reduce hand strains while working in the kitchen.

Intended Use: 5/5

The CUTLUXE Meat Carving Knife – 9" is intended for carving meat and that is exactly what it will do with precision to Tuna, Salmon, Trout, Sea Bass, and more.

Overall: 4.9/5

If you are looking for a sushi knife that most closely resembles a Yanagiba knife that doesn't cost you hundreds of dollars, then the 9-inch CUTLUXE carving knife needs to be in your kitchen.

This is the highest-rated sushi knife on this list coming in at a massive 4.9 out of 5.

4. CUTLUXE Utility Knife – 5.5" Petty Kitchen Knife

5.5 Inch Versatile All-Purpose Sushi Knife

Best sushi knife for new chefs


• Can be used for practically anything from filleting raw fish to cutting vegetables and sushi rolls.
• Constructed from long-lasting and durable carbon steel.
• Looks elegant with the polished pakkawood handle.
• Comes with a lifetime warranty.


•  Might be too short for some larger types of fish and particular jobs.

The CUTLUXE Utility Knife – 5.5" Petty Kitchen Knife is another fantastic knife to have in the arsenal if you like to prepare sushi and sashimi. This knife can do just about anything in the kitchen when it comes to slicing, dicing, and cutting meats and vegetables.

Blade Sharpness: 4.5/5 

Perfectly engineered with a tapered to a razor-sharp edge for zero-effort slicing, filleting, and any other way you would like to use this all-purpose utility knife.

The double-edged blade is hand-sharpened to an extremely sharp 14 to 16 degrees.

Blade Construction: 5/5

The blade construction on this knife is almost perfect.

Engineered and forged with high carbon stainless steel, this knife is built to take a beating in the kitchen and do so for an extremely long time.

Blade Length: 4/5 

This is the shortest knife on the list, however, if you plan on using this knife to fillet and de-bone Trout, Salmon, and Sea Bass, then the 5.5 inches will be plenty to get the job done.

If you plan on working with larger Yellowfin or Bluefin Tuna, then you may want to find a knife that is closer to 7 to 9-inches long.

Handle Construction: 5/5

The handle is specifically engineered to be comfortable even for use over a long period.

The grip is on point and the balance is there, making it perfect for the busiest home chefs.

Intended Use: 5/5

When it comes to intended use, the CUTLUXE Utility Knife – 5.5" easily scores a 5 out of 5 because of its versatility.

This knife can be essentially anything you need whether it's sushi-related or not.

Overall: 4.7/5

Even if you have other knives that you prefer to use for preparing sushi, this CUTLUXE Utility Knife is the perfect all-purpose blade to have in your kitchen.

It is incredibly strong, durable, and sharp, and it's small enough to help with the precision cutting of smaller vegetables to get paper-thin slices every time.

5. LUCKY COOK Sashimi Sushi Knife 10 Inch

10 Inch Sashimi Sushi Knife

Best all-around Sashimi knife


• Specifically engineered to cut and slice delicate foods without tearing or crushing them.
• This is an authentic Japanese sushi knife.
• The 10-inch blade is perfect for filleting larger fish in less than a few minutes.
• Contains a comfortable non-slip wooden handle.


• Can only be used by right-handed chefs.
• Does not come with a lifetime warranty.

This Lucky Cook knife is ideal for making all the delicate cuts that sashimi and sushi demand. When cutting sushi, you need a knife that can cut through the nori without crushing or tearing it. The LUCKY COOK 10-inch sashimi sushi knife can do all of that and more.

Blade Sharpness: 4.5/5 

This knife is designed with the sharpness of a traditional Yanagiba knife.

Because of this, the blade is extremely sharp and can give precise cuts to even the most delicate ingredients.

Blade Construction: 5/5

Most Japanese knives are constructed from carbon steel and this Lucky Cook sashimi knife does not break away from this tradition.

Another feature of the blade's construction is the asymmetric blade that again honors the Japanese tradition that sushi should always be prepared with the right hand.

Blade Length: 5/5 

The 10-inch blade on this sushi knife is a quality size that can handle filleting even the largest Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna that you may find at your local fish markets.

The longer blade also makes slicing fish for sushi incredibly easy and requires much less effort than a smaller blade.

Handle Construction: 4/5

This non-slip wooden handle is popular in Japan and a traditional characteristic of a Yanagiba knife.

The only downside is that the knife is not balanced like a full tang knife so users may need to adjust to the feel of this knife.

Intended Use: 5/5

Without a doubt, this knife scores a 5 out of 5 when it comes to its intended use.

This Yanagiba knife is specifically designed to be sharp enough and precise enough to cut perfect delicate strips of sashimi and that is exactly what it does.

Overall: 4.7/5

Overall, for the price, this is a quality knife that is constructed in the tradition of other Japanese knives.

Most sushi knives are built to be incredibly sharp, and this knife is no different.

How We Selected the Best Sushi Knives

When you are looking for a new knife that you would like to use to prepare sushi, there are several things you need to consider.

Here are the attributes that should be considered if you are looking for a good sushi knife for preparing sashimi or sushi.

Blade Sharpness

Having a sharp knife with a fine sharp blade is extremely important. There are two main reasons why having an ultra-sharp blade is important.

First, knives with a sharp edge make slicing and cutting various ingredients effortless, allowing the chef to get the precise cuts the sushi rolls need.

Second, an incredibly sharp knife is much safer to work with. If you have ever tried using a knife with a dull blade, you may have noticed how difficult it is to slice and cut your ingredients.

Blade Construction

The way a blade is constructed and which high-quality materials it is made from matter. High-carbon stainless steel knives are highly sought after because although they are more likely to rust earlier, they stay sharpest the longest and require less maintenance than other knives.

It does not matter so much if the blade is constructed from German stainless steel, Japanese steel, or US steel, what matters is that it is a high carbon stainless steel blade that is precision forged.

Blade Length

Blade length can be quite important when it comes to slicing and cutting ingredients while preparing sushi. Although it is not necessarily the case that the longest knife is always the best knife, a longer blade does have its benefits.

A longer blade helps chefs to make nice long cuts without needing to move their bodies so much. This helps to make sure that the fish is cut with precise cuts that are straight and uniform.

Handle Construction

Although people think the blade is the most important part of a knife, the handle can be equally as important. After all, the handle is the part of the knife that you interact with the most.

A quality knife will have a handle that is also ergonomic to prevent hand strains, that is comfortable to hold, and that keeps you safe.

Intended Use

Another important aspect of choosing one or all the knives you need for preparing sushi rolls at home is how you intend to use the knife. Do you plan to purchase boneless fish fillets or are you doing to need a good sushi knife for filleting and deboning fish? What about a sushi knife for cutting vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and avocados?

You may be able to find a sushi knife that can perform well enough in all these different sushi preparation tasks, or you may prefer to have a few different sushi knives for different intended uses.


Comparison of the Top 5 Best Sushi Knives

As a brief recap, here are the top sushi knives and why we picked them.

The CUTLUXE Boning & Fillet Knife

This is the best sushi knife for filleting and deboning fish because it has a nice and sharp slightly curved blade that is strong and flexible.

The CUTLUXE Santoku Knife – 7" Chopping Knife

This is the best sushi knife for slicing veggies because Santoku knives have evolved from the traditional rectangular-blade Japanese vegetable knife.

The CUTLUXE Meat Carving Knife – 9" Turkey Carving Knife

This is the best ultra-sharp sushi knife for slicing sashimi because it is the exact shape and size of the traditional Yanagiba knife used in Japanese restaurants throughout the world.

The CUTLUXE Utility Knife – 5.5" Petty Kitchen Knife

This is the best sushi knife for new chefs because it can be used for practically anything and its smaller size makes it incredibly easy to handle.

The LUCKY COOK Sashimi Sushi Knife 10 Inch

Thi is the best all-around sashimi knife because its single bevel edge design is perfect for filleting fish and cutting the most delicate ingredients with precision.

Which Sushi Knife is Best for You?

When you are looking at the best sushi knives, keep in mind how you plan to use and sharpen the knife at home when you are making sushi. You may not need to most expensive sushi knife with the longest blade that maybe a professional would use to slice extremely large fish.

What you really need is a high-quality extra sharp knife that can fillet and debone fish, make precise cuts to be used for sashimi and sushi, and cut a sushi roll without crushing it or tearing the nori.

Whether you go for a more utility-style sushi knife that can do everything or you go with a couple of different knives for different steps of the process, you can't go wrong with any of the sushi knives we have described here for you today. Check out our blog to learn more about knives.